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ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM

Threat Intelligence

A continuously updated, analyzed and contextualized feed of evidence-based knowledge of emerging cyber-threats and vulnerabilities.


Real-time monitoring of your compliance status through customizable dashboards and reports enables a broad compliance overview.


An overview of your security alerts status, performance, availability, user behavior, and other metrics that are more relevant to you.


A plethora of ready-made report templates or by creating you own reports that help you meet the regulatory framework and/or internal audit requirements.

Event Management

A centralized event management interface that lets you monitor, classify and manage events according to their severity while delegating actions and responsibilities where necessary.

User & Entity Behaviour Analysis (UEBA)

A powerful feature for profiling of user-related host/network /application activities for detecting suspicious/malicious behavior and intrusions.

Performance & Availability

Proactive monitoring of the performance and availability of network devices, systems and communication links by collecting and processing Netflow and SNMP log and event data.

Vulnerability Management

A consolidation of various vulnerability tools used during your analysis and correlation process to further minimize false-positive alerts.

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