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Managed Security Line of Services

Responding to threats before they materialized

Odyssey’s Managed Security Line of Services are designed to serve as a remote extension of an organization’s security operations, helping them responding to threats before they materialized. As a result, these services empower organizations to reduce risk, enhance compliance and minimize their total cost of owner ship while maintaining their digital assets in an optimal operational and effectiveness state whether they are in the cloud and/or on-premises.

What truly sets Odyssey’s Managed Security Services apart

Odyssey’s progressive, adaptive and scalable MSDR services stands out due to a unique blend of 20 years of human intelligence and the use of ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform.

Human Intelligence

Odyssey’s SOC Analysts possess extensive education, hands-on experience, deep knowledge of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and a plethora of professional and vendor-specific certifications.

ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform

The underneath technology for delivering our MSDR services is the award winning ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response Platform which intelligently and swiftly associates emerging threats with vulnerabilities, to accelerate the detection and response of actual threats.

Our Services

Managed Security, Detection & Response Services

MSDR uniquely integrates the technologies, methodologies, skills and experience to help you minimize the risk posed by sophisticated Insider, Third-Party and Cyber threats, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Security Monitoring & Event Management

Managed Detection & Response


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