Event Management

Centrally manage Alerts and Incidents.


Why You need Event Management

The timely investigation, categorization, assigning and resolution of security alerts is the difference between successfully defending against a cyber-threat and a security breach. An easy-to-use security event management tool provides the right interface and tools that empower your security staff to take care of the security alerts raised and incidents escalated.

How it works

ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM’s “Event Management” ServiceModule helps users with the efficient and effective monitoring, classification and management of “Incidents” that may pose a threat to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets. This way, your security staff can delegate actions and responsibilities by internally assigning these “Incidents” to other departments/people within the organization for further investigation and resolution, using the built-in incident management and escalation process workflow.

At a Glance

Efficiently and effectively monitor, classify and manage events according to their severity

The module enables your security staff to delegate actions and responsibilities internally.

  • Displays all Incidents raised. The user can view and/or add comments, close/reopen an incident, assign an incident to authorized users or change the severity type of an incident.
  • Displays Alerts generated. All alerts are associated with log data so as the user can proceed with their analysis before raising an incident or monitoring/ignoring an alert.
  • Provides access to the Correlation Engine. The user can view, create, or edit correlation rules. 
  • Provides access to the Correlation Engine. The user can view, create, edit, use cases, or upload SIGMA files to configure and deploy as correlation rules.
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