An Intelligent Cloud-Based Managed Security Operations Platform

ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform

Business Sense

Why you Need a Robust, Scalable and Intelligent Managed Security Operations Platform

The Managed Security Services Providers market is becoming exceedingly competitive in the race to offer cost-effective security management and monitoring services aligned with the emerging needs by organizations of any type, size and complexity.

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), you require a robust, intelligent and multitenant Managed Security Operations Platform that empowers you to provide top-quality services and to remain competitive in this growing and increasingly demanding market.

It makes business sense that this robust and intelligent platform assists you in providing top-quality, intelligent, reliable and a scalable Managed Security Services (MSS) to your customers to help them maintain their security posture and to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Cloud-based ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform, together with its support and MSS training scheme, empowers you to provide top-quality Managed Security Services (MSS) that place your organization ahead of the competition.


Who is it for?

We work with MSS organizations that value their customers’ needs and who are prepared to make the most out of ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform by providing top-quality Managed Security Services (MSS).

For further information, drop us an email. One of our representatives will get back to you to carefully examine your enquiry and  let you know how you will best utilize ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform to your benefit.

Why ClearSkies™

Differentiate from Other MSSPs. Enhance your Brand & Increase your Profitability.

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) are struggling to differentiate their services and to position themselves as leaders in the Managed Security Services (MSS) market.

Now, you too can increase your revenues with our award-winning robust, intelligent and multitenant platform, which enables you to scale your operations while expanding and differentiating your services offerings from your competitors.

What’s more is that, by tapping into the pool of tacit knowledge of the ClearSkies™ support and MSS training specialists, you can be confident that your expertise is unmatched in the global competitive stage.

By acquiring ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform, you are empowered to provide top-quality and cost-effective Managed Security Services (MSS) to your customers, positioning you as their only sensible choice.

Join our MSSP Program and capitalize on the unique cutting-edge characteristics of ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform.

What you Get

An MSSP Platform designed for your business objectives and your customers’ emerging needs

With ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform, you get peace of mind knowing that the Platform by which you offer your MSS is constantly enhanced with new features, well maintained and well fed with Threat Intelligence, and at the same time provides the ability to remain compliant with relevant regulatory frameworks.

Stand out from the competition with your own multitenant Managed Security Operations Platform backed by world-class expertise. Here’s how:

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