Streamline your Managed Security Services offering

ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform

The Mssp Challenge

Stand out from the competition

As a competitive MSSP, you support your customers in managing their exposure to information risk posed by sophisticated cyber, insider and third-party threats.

The multitenant ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform enables you to provide top-quality, intelligent, reliable and efficient Managed Security Services that position you ahead of your competition.

The Platform allows you to centrally manage all your customers under one unified and intuitive graphical interface that requires no updates or maintenance from your part. It negates the need for logging in to distinct consoles to manage each of your customers individually, this way saving time while increasing your effectiveness.

The ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform

Your tools to efficiently offer top-quality services

The ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform inherits the intelligence and functionalities of the ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform, including cross-layered visibility for extended detection and response.

Learn more about the ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform.

ClearSkies™ Professional Services provide the training and support framework to train and help certify your SOC staff with the knowledge required to provide expert and competitive Managed Security Services.


Your MSSP Platform

The innovative ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform is a robust and intelligent platform that simplifies the task of managing alerts and investigating incidents. It provides you with contextual information and powerful tools to automate/orchestrate appropriate response and remediation actions for multiple customers.

By offering efficient, reliable and effective  MSS, you ensure your customers’ security posture and compliance status.

Centralized Management

Maintain real-time visibility and situational awareness across all your customers.


Deploy and deliver your services to multiple distinct customers.


Hassle-free integration and deployment of new customers.

Streamlined alert management

Make the most of your resources with advanced analysis and detection, compounded by an efficient and productive event management process that efficiently reduces false positive alerts.

Enhanced incident investigation

Offer intelligent incident investigation for simplified triage and incident resolution.

Automation and orchestration

Automate and orchestrate response actions.


Provide cost-effective services in a scalable delivery model, allowing your customers to maintain control over their security budgets.


The ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform has withstood the test of time, and is globally recognized as a true competitor in the MSSP market.

Why ClearSkies™

Enhance your brand & increase your profitability.

The ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform uses the Gartner-recognized ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform. It offers cross-layered visibility for extended detection and response, and the unique ability to integrate multiple security products into a cohesive SecOps environment for compounded efficacy.

Increase your revenues with our award-winning robust, intelligent and multitenant platform, which enables you to scale your operations while expanding and differentiating your service offering from your competitors.

By tapping into the pool of tacit knowledge of the ClearSkies™ support and MSS training specialists, you can be confident that your expertise is unmatched in the global competitive stage.

With the ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform, you are empowered to provide top-quality and cost-effective Managed Security Services (MSS) to your customers, positioning you as formidable competitor in the MSS market.

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