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Mobile App

Mobile App

Intuitive User Experience

Get real-time access to alerts fired, incidents raised, metrics, reports and Threat Intelligence on malicious probes targeting your systems and networks in the form of Indicators of Compromise (IOCs). Since time is of the essence, ClearSkies™ Mobile App allows you to timely assign incidents to your team members and review the investigation progress of outstanding ones, directly from your device while on the go. Get live Threat Alert notifications on important information regarding emerging cyber-threats and vulnerabilities that might affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems and networks.

ClearSkies™ Mobile App’s friendly intuitive interface brings your SIEM’s user experience to your smart device to help you stay ahead of information-threats as they emerge, anywhere, anytime.

What you get

ClearSkies™ Mobile App empowers you with:


Features accessible through the App​


Threat Alert by IthacaLabs™

Provides information regarding emerging threats and vulnerabilities that might have direct impact on your systems and networks.

Threat Intelligence

A constantly updated Threat Intelligence feed of the top Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), including IPs, emails, URLs, domains and MD5 hashes.

Risk Index

Defines the current state of your security posture from a collection of intuitive metrics.

Alerts Fired

An aggregation of the number of Alerts fired over a period of time, their classification and current status.

Incidents Raised

The number of incidents raised over time, their status, (assigned, unassigned, in progress etc.), severity and relevant information.

Remote Interaction with Incidents

The ability to remotely assign Incidents raised to your team members.
Type of Access

Get ClearSkies™ Mobile App

ClearSkies™ Mobile App is free and aims at enhancing the service experience for Odyssey’s ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM and/or Managed Security Line of Services (MSS/MDR) customers, as well as providing the general public with useful and detailed Threat Alert (Threat Level) and Threat Intelligence information. The App’s capabilities according to 3 different types of access:


ClearSkies™ customers get access to the App's full functionality: Threat Alert, Threat Intelligence feed of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, dashboards / metrics / visualizations of your security posture, information on Alerts and Incidents, real-time Incident notifications, and assigning Incidents to your staff.

Registered user

Register through the app to To gain access to an expanded evidence-based Threat Intelligence feed of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, which includes information on even more emerging threats and vulnerabilities

Non-registered user

If you are not a customer, you are welcome to download and explore the app to view the current Threat Level as well as a free limited feed of evidence-based Threat Intelligence of emerging threats and vulnerabilities

Customer Registered user Non-registered user
Threat Alert

Threat Intelligence
Risk Index

Incidents Raised

Alerts Fired

Events Vs. Alerts Vs. Incidents

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