ClearSkies™ Professional Services

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ClearSkies™ Professional Services provide a complete set of services revolving around the ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform .

These services help you to successfully implement and improve your organizational security posture while using ClearSkies™ products. Specifically, with ClearSkies™ Professional Services, our experts help with the design, implementation, configuration, optimization and training needed to get the most out of ClearSkies™ products.

ClearSkies™ Implementation Services

Installation and Initial Configuration

The initial planning and design of your SIEM implementation based on the parameters of your digital ecosystem is vital to how effective your SIEM ends up being.

Installation and initial configuration services help you with the planning, design, implementation and configuration of ClearSkies™ products.

What you get

Onboarding of In-Scope Assets

The assets to be onboarded on your SIEM implementation must be carefully chosen among the numerous assets in your company.

Onboarding of In-Scope Assets services help you configure ClearSkies™ SIEM to collect and analyze Log and Event data from your digital assets, based on your Information Security and compliance needs.

What you get

ClearSkies™ Configuration Services

Implementation of Incident Escalation Process and Flows

The proper design of Incident escalation flows, Incident Handlers role permissions, asset assignments and asset grouping, ensures the effective handling of security incidents.

Implementation of Incident Escalation Process and Flows services help you design and implement an effective incident escalation process and incident escalation paths for a successful incident management process.

What you get

ClearSkies™ Optimization Services

ClearSkies™ Effectiveness Assessment

Your SIEM environment needs to be regularly reviewed to ensure long-term sustainability and effectiveness.

ClearSkies™ Effectiveness Assessment services provide a comprehensive review of your ClearSkies™ environment to make sure that your SIEM deployment stays sustainable, stable and ready to scale.

What you get

ClearSkies™ Endpoint Policy Configuration

Endpoints are still your organization’s weakest security link, being the target of choice for seasoned cybercriminals to disrupt your business operations, steal your valuable data and damage your brand reputation.

ClearSkies™ Endpoint Policy services help you to properly configure the ClearSkies™ Endpoint ServiceModule, which provides a platform for you to control the log and event data collection, monitoring and control all ClearSkies™ Endpoint features.

What you get

ClearSkies™ Log & Event Collection Optimization

Configuration optimization of your security and systems produces the data required for the security monitoring processes.

ClearSkies™ Log & Event Collection Optimization services review the current configuration of your security and system devices. They also analyze the log and event data produced by the devices and collected by ClearSkies™ SIEM, providing suggestions to improve logging.


ClearSkies™ Security Use Case Modelling and Adoption

Aligning compliance with your business needs and risk priorities is an important step towards successful security optimization.

ClearSkies™ Security Use Case Modelling and Adoption services help you analyze regulatory compliance requirements to design the approach by which to configure your SIEM.


ClearSkies™ Training Services

ClearSkies™ Risk Management and Compliance Officer

Risk Management and Compliance Officers monitoring the risk appetite of your organization, create the necessary reports to assist in meeting the compliance regulatory requirements, and audit your overall organization security.

ClearSkies™ Risk Management and Compliance Officer services provide detailed training on the ClearSkies™ ServiceModules that assist your Risk Management and Compliance Officer in their daily activities as well as making sure that they utilize the platform to gain valuable insights.

What you get

ClearSkies™ Security Analyst

Security Analysts are the backbone of your SIEM management and security monitoring operations.

ClearSkies™ Security Analyst services provide detailed training on all aspects of the ClearSkies™ Secure Web Portal (SWP), the ClearSkies™ central management console.

Security Analysts are able to administer all ServiceModules of ClearSkies™, create users, enable notifications, run the Configuration Wizard, perform configuration changes on assets, manage incidents and review alerts and log data via the ClearSkies™ Secure Web Portal (SWP).

What you get

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