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Why choose ClearSkies™

ClearSkies™ offers an array of unique innovative advantages that empower you in achieving and maintaining cyber resilience in a rapidly changing world. With ClearSkies™, you can rest assured that you have the capability to associate threats with corresponding vulnerabilities as they emerge, this way safeguarding your valuable assets in an expanding threat landscape.

Odyssey is included in Gartner’s 2021 & 2024 Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management, with ClearSkies™ SIEM.


Identify patterns of suspicious/malicious behavior that would otherwise go unnoticed.


We constantly develop our product aiming always to unlock the intelligence of data with new innovative features and add-ons.


A simple and scalable service delivery model allows full control over your security budgets.


A flexible architecture that allows us to adapt to customer environment and needs regardless of the size or complexity.

Easy Deployment

Up and running in a matter of a few days with immediate results.

No cost of ownership

Uncompromising subscription-based products with zero initial investment needed, and ongoing maintenance and administration included.


What our clients say

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The efficiency and power of ClearSkies™ […] are provided by world-class professionals who prove to us daily that we can rest assured knowing that our cybersecurity is in good hands.

Investment Bank of Greece

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We retain full control of our budgets due to the flexibility of the ClearSkies™ service delivery model. We get peace of mind knowing there are no hidden costs, and that we don’t waste our budget on unutilized capacity.

Marlow Navigation / Cyprus

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ClearSkies™ products have helped us to significantly improve the speed at which we detect and respond to suspicious behaviors inside and outside of our networks.

Newsphone / Greece

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Since we started using ClearSkies™ products, we have improved our strategic decision-making due to the crucial security context found in the information it provides.

Nesma & Partners / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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With ClearSkies™, our security staff has increased its efficiency and effectiveness through useful tools and a simply great user experience.

Piraeus Direct Solutions / Greece


ClearSkies™ SIEM’s flexible architecture allows for its deployment within organizations of any size, type or complexity.

It is founded on the award-winning ClearSkies™ Threat  Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform’s unique capability to associate threats with corresponding vulnerabilities as they emerge. Because of this innate characteristic, stands out due to its intelligent analysis and processing capabilities combined with evidence-based knowledge, including Threat Intelligence, while it integrates with top-of-the-range third-party technologies.

Additionally, its User Behavioral Analytics (UEBA) capabilities allow you to recognize patterns of suspicious/malicious behavior and insider threats that would otherwise go unnoticed by conventional SIEM solutions.

The outcomes provide you with comprehensive evidence-based situational awareness when responding to information security threats, and help you formulate strategic decisions for continuously optimizing your security posture.

The license-based pricing model provides a personalized approach to accommodate for your varying needs. Switching from one license to the next is a breeze as you can scale your packages up or down according to your ever-changing needs. This way, you retain full control over your security budgets by always keeping your spending in line with the service capacity you actually need. Not only are you safe from unforeseen costs, but you also never waste your budget on unused service capacity.

There are no hidden costs when deploying ClearSkies™ SIEM and all associated complementary products. What you pay for your license is all there is, and you can rest assured that no hidden charges can be incurred after you’re up and running. Many SIEM implementations, however, hide hidden maintenance and ongoing configuration costs that takes away their control over their security budgets. With ClearSkies™ SIEM, all maintenance and continuous updating/optimizing costs are taken care of by the provider, and their value is transferred to you, the customer. What’s more is that many on-premises SIEM implementations come with implied hardware obsolescence, which means that outdated hardware needs to scrapped and replaced every few years or even months.

ClearSkies™ support teams have earned a solid reputation for their customer-focused approach as well as the unparalleled pre- and after-sales support that ClearSkies™ get to enjoy. With ClearSkies™, customers have a voice, and their concerns are heard by experienced representatives who then take them into serious consideration, and who respond with useful actionable input. Support requests demonstrate much shorter response times than what the “big players” of the SIEM market could ever provide. What’s more is that ClearSkies™ offers flexibility in meeting custom requests, and that feedback we get on customer experience is the main focus that drives us to keep expanding our product line.

Since ClearSkies™ SIEM is delivered through the cloud-based SIEM-as-a-Service model, and it offers fast implementation based on your organization’s singularities with almost instant results thereafter. No longer do you have to wait for a time-consuming deployment and configuration of an on-premises infrastructure.

Since ClearSkies™ SIEM is delivered through the cloud-based SIEM-as-a-Service model, you can be up and running in almost no time. Depending on the time you need to implement and configure your ClearSkies™ SIEM deployment, you can then start reaping the benefits of a fast, robust and top-of-the-range SIEM as soon as log and event data begin to be collected. This process, depending on organizational size and complexity, can range between 4 to 6 weeks. This contrasts with legacy on-premises SIEM implementations that can take up to 18 months to deliver real actionable results.

ClearSkies™ SIEM is based on the award-winning  ClearSkies™ Threat  Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform, and therefore inherits its unique cutting-edge characteristics. The robustness of its storage/archiving capacity as well as processing speeds deliver reliable service availability that you can trust when you need it the most.

Cloud SIEM is a proven, effective and rapidly growing method of delivering Security Information & Event Management solutions, easily and cost-effectively. It eliminates upfront investments, recruiting and maintaining specialized staff, constant hardware obsolescence, and hidden costs. This is why more and more organizations across the world recognize the importance of acquiring a fast, robust and flexible SIEM solution that is both effective and affordable, that also allows for full control over security budgets.

ClearSkies™ SIEM was founded by world-class experts in information with years of hands-on experience and a forward-thinking mentality. By constantly staying abreast of the cyber-threat landscape, the ClearSkies™ team of scientists and engineers keep the ClearSkies™ Threat  Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform constantly updated and secure, while they frequently perform penetration tests and other performance and security related analyses to make sure that all ClearSkies™ products are secure and reliable. Furthermore, the provider is also ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 22301 certified organization, and has been accredited by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) as a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA).

We continually invest heavily in innovation and research and development for continuous expansion of the ClearSkies™ Threat  Detection, Investigation & Response (TDIR) Platform’s unique capabilities to constantly stay abreast of the ever-expanding information-threat landscape. Our loyal global clientele recognizes the value that ClearSkies™ introduce to their information security, compliance and risk management, and systems and networks needs. This is what ensures that our business model remains viable and sustainable long term.

We constantly add new features and enhancements to all ClearSkies™ products based on our long experience, expertise and anticipation of technological trends, customers’ needs and the expanding information-threat landscape.

Updates include continuous enhancements as well as the introduction of brand-new features that each time serve to complement and improve the effectiveness as well as the overall customer satisfaction.

We employee world-class engineers, software developers and data scientists who have the experience and expertise and have one common goal; delivering world-class innovative products.

Odyssey, the provider of ClearSkies™, has earned its place in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management, with ClearSkies™ loud SIEM. ClearSkies™ products are being used by numerous organizations of different size, type and complexity around the globe, due to their effectiveness, excellent support, ease of use and innovative features.

Our customers enjoy years of pleasant customer experience, excellent support in using ClearSkies™ products. They have come to recognize that they can rely on the ClearSkies™ brand for their information security detection and response needs.

We have also exhibited steady growth from a regional leader in the Eastern Mediterranean region, to expanding to the USA, UK, Middle East, with a global clientele in 24 countries in different industries. It is worth mentioning that ClearSkies™ is also hosted by a dedicated data center in Saudi Arabia to service the needs of the Middle East.

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