Threat Intelligence

Orchestrate your cyber defenses.
Strategize your incident response.


Why you need Threat Intelligence

Staying in the dark about the ever-changing cyber-threat landscape means that you are unprepared to defend against newly-surfaced threats and vulnerabilities affecting your organizational network. A lack of contextual situational awareness is a risk your business continuity cannot afford to take.

How it works

ClearSkies™ SIEM’s “Threat Intelligence” ServiceModule delivers a continuously updated, analyzed and contextualized feed of evidence-based knowledge of emerging cyber-threats and vulnerabilities. It pulls data from authoritative intelligence feeds and processes them to extract valuable insights as they relate to your organization. With the help of Odyssey’s Threat Risk Assessment Services by IthacaLabs™, the ServiceModule analyzes intelligence data in context, and provides recommendations to support you in proactively adapting your security defenses accordingly, before it’s too late.

Moreover, Threat Anticipation leverages continuous Threat Intelligence gathering combined with Advanced Security Analytics to identify the severity and impact of cyber-threats in relation to your organization’s individual characteristics or circumstances. This provides you with a comprehensive assessment and analysis of Indicators of Attack (IOAs), with useful information to take your Threat Hunting and threat eradication to the next level.

Threat Intelligence keeps you up to date with emerging cyber-threats and vulnerabilities

Gain situational awareness of cyber-threats and vulnerabilities before they affect your network.

Structure your internal defenses and prepare against coordinated attack campaigns that span across your entire network.

Stay one step ahead of threat actors by knowing where they’ll attack and how before they even have a chance.

Threat Intelligence ServiceModule Tools / Applications:






A birds-eye view of your risk susceptibility visualized through a near-live representation of cyberattacks against your organization as they occur.

Stay proactive and eliminate imminent data breaches against your organization by investigating contextual information on Indicators of Attack (IOAs).

Timely adapt your security posture with a trusted feed of imminent and emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Prioritize your incident response and allocate your resources accordingly with a contextual analysis of Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) affecting your organization.

Investigate incidents and structure you cyber defenses according to Indicator of Attack (IOA) geolocation patterns.

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Key Features & Benefits

Optimizing your security posture is an ongoing process of proactively adapting to the ever-changing cyber-threat landscape.


Interoperability with ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM ServiceModules

ClearSkies™ SIEM’s “Threat Intelligence” ServiceModule complements other ClearSkies™ SIEM ServiceModules, such as “Event Management”, “Advanced Security Analytics (Big Data Search)”, “Identity & Access”, “Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)” and more.

Moreover, ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM extends its power with the integration of 3rd-party tools and applications such as STIX-format threat-related data relayed through the TAXII protocol to the ClearSkies™ “Threat Intelligence” and “Event Management” ServiceModules.

This interoperability and convergence of capabilities significantly enhances your analysis and incident investigation process for better identifying insider or external threats as they relate to your organization.

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