Get a comprehensive overview with smart
intuitive reporting.


Why you need Reports

Appropriate and accurate reporting can help you keep an eye on your compliance obligations as well as your internal audit requirements.

How it works

With ClearSkies™ Reports you can:

  • Conduct data analysis in a visual and interactive manner
  • Clearly outline and display event data in a meaningful way
  • Aggregate trend analyses to maintain a proactive position
  • Highlight specific compliance requirements pertaining to your environment


  • Keep track of your security status as it stands through time.
  • Plan ahead with regards to your security defence strategy with insightful reporting templates that give you the figures needed for to ongoingly optimize your security posture.
  • Effortlessly meet the requirements of regulatory frameworks with a plethora of ready-made report template.
  • Create, schedule and produce your own reports for your internal audit purposes based on individual requirements.
Reports at a Glance

Simplify your reporting process

Modify existing report templates or create your own. Schedule reports periodically or generate them on the ad-hoc basis.

Provides many predefined report templates designed to help organizations meet the requirements of supported regulatory frameworks. In addition, it allows for easy generating and scheduling of ad hoc custom reports based on users’ needs and business requirements. Reports can be exported in CSV and PDF formats and can be sent automatically to selected email recipients.

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