MSSP Platform features

ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform


Why choose ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform

Multitenant Platform

Onboard and manage multiple customers (tenants) with an MSSP-friendly architecture. Rest assured that each of your customer’s data are kept separate to maintain compliance and security.

Hybrid Model

Grant your customers the option to gain value from your Managed Security Services (MSS) or to simply purchase ClearSkies™ directly from you to manage on their own.

Unified Visibility & Management

Manage multiple customers efficiently and effectively at the same time. Optimize your overall response times and service quality through a centralized management console.

Customers’ Secure Web Portal

Provide your customers with unparalleled user experience through their own secure access portal. Empower them to monitor their security posture in real time while retaining the option to act themselves where required.

Honor your SLA and Track your Performance

Capitalize on a flexible MSSP-friendly pricing model that is designed to adapt to your and your customers’ businesses, not the reverse. Easily track your own team’s performance every step of the way to ensure diligent commitment fulfillment.


Deliver uncompromising value to your customers with a top-quality intelligent Managed Security Operations platform founded on Advanced Analytics, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) behavioral models.

What you can offer to your Customers

Powerful tools for world-class services

The ClearSkies™ MSSP Platform enables you to deliver Managed Security Services (MSS) to your customers by leveraging the complete suite of ClearSkies™ products in your arsenal, including:

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