Performance & Availability

Monitor the performance and availability
of your digital assets.


Why you need Performance & Availability

Your systems and networks are expected to provide reliable and uninterrupted service to your customers and to your staff for optimal service delivery. Performance and availability failures can result in business continuity disruptions that can damage the quality of your service, the value of your output and the reputation of your brand.

The performance and availability of your systems and networks determine the trust that your brand inspires. Systems failures, disasters and motivated threat actors can disrupt your performance and availability, hindering your business continuity, financial viability and brand reputation.

How it works

ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM’s “Performance & Availability” ServiceModule supports organizations with the proactive monitoring of the performance and availability of network devices, systems and communication links by collecting and processing Netflow and SNMP log and event data.

This way, you can minimize downtime and relevant business costs caused by service interruptions.

The ServiceModule’s interface provides information and analysis using the NetFlow protocol, presented in various pie and bar graphs. Information includes Network Status, CPU/Memory utilization, available disk space and Network Traffic using the SNMP protocol, presented in different linear graphs.

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