ClearSkies Big Data Advanced Security Analytics Platform

ClearSkies Big Data Advanced Security Analytics Platform

An award-winning service delivery vehicle

The increasing rate at which data is being produced creates an equally expanded need for storing, processing and analyzing these huge volumes of heterogeneous data sets. Since conventional SIEM systems and Advanced Security Analytics methods have proved to be unable to handle organizations’ unprecedented processing and analytic needs, new concepts, approaches and technologies are sought.

Homegrown ClearSkies™ Big Data Advanced Security Analytics Platform addresses these challenges with its built-in capabilities of storing, processing and intelligently analyzing in real time vast volumes of both historical and current log data. Moreover, the platform features solid reliable architecture and supple flexibility to adapt to diverse networks and/or customer needs.

Through the achievement of high levels of speed and accuracy during the analysis of log data collected from IoT, servers, applications, network/security devices or even from user activities, the platform maximizes the management efficiency and the effectiveness of the threat detection and response process.

ClearSkies Big Data Advanced Security Analytics Platform Architecture

Built-in capabilities which made this endeavour a success:


Storage Capacity

Highly scalable storage capabilities render technically possible and cost-effective the availability of vast volumes (billions) of log data for real-time analysis. The analysis of large amounts of both historical and current log data allows for the extrapolation of more accurate results for identifying abnormal behavior “Outliers” and/or malicious and/or “noisy/quiet” cyber-threats.

The End Result: Data which was previously too expensive to store and impossible to manage can now be made available for real-time analysis.

Process Power icon

Processing Power

The effectiveness of real-time parallel processing by spanning log data across different data nodes provides ten-fold processing speeds when analyzing vast volumes of heterogeneous log data.

The End Result: Ability to process in real time vast volumes of log data, both historical and current, at a fraction of the time required using conventional systems.

Analytic Capabilities icon

Analytic Capabilities

Utilizing storage and processing capabilities, we developed complex in-depth User & Entity Behavior Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive and Machine Learning models. With these models we made possible the detection of abnormal behavior and/or malicious cyber-threats which conventional Security Information & Event Management systems would simply be incapable to notice or detect.

The End Result: Remarkably diminished incident identification and response cycle, resulting in the minimization of security incidents’ management cost and business after-effects.

Reliable Architecture icon

Reliable Architecture

Taking advantage of Big Data’s distributed architecture, log data span across different nodes, thus effectively safeguarding the reliability and availability of data.

The End Result: Realization of high-level log data reliability, availability and fault tolerance.

Flexibility icon


The capability of supporting different types of log data, whether structured or unstructured, from diverse types of devices/vendors.

The End Result: Vast expansion of the platform’s capability to process new types of log data, including smart devices of the Internet of Things era, further enhances the log data management efficiency and the effectiveness of the threat mitigation process.

Line of services that derive from the platform

The award-winning* ClearSkies™ Big Data Security Analytics Platform is the vehicle delivering Odyssey’s flagship service lines namely:

*In 2015 Odyssey won the Data Impact Award in Operational Analytics for Most Admirable Architecture.

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