Cross-layered visibility for extended detection and response

ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform


Modernize your SOC with the ClearSkies™ ecosystem

The innovative ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform line of products helps you associate threats with corresponding vulnerabilities as they emerge. It empowers you to anticipate, detect, response, swift recovery, and adapt to cyber, insider and third-party threats to achieve and maintain cyber resilience.

The platform encapsulates the very definition of Extended Detection & Response (XDR) capabilities. By integrating ClearSkies™ SIEM and add-ons into a cohesive SecOps environment for compounded results, it delivers cross-layered visibility for extended detection and response. With Orchestration and Automation at the core of your investigation process, response actions are prioritized according to threat and asset classifications, and risk classification, depending on your organization’s risk appetite.

ClearSkies™ SIEM and add-ons inherit the Platform’s innate unique characteristics. They enable organizations, as well as MSSPs, to modernize and extend their SOC capabilities/offerings by unlocking the intelligence of their data to effectively manage digital risk while meeting compliance requirements.


ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform

ClearSkies™ SIEM

Cross-layered Real-Time Visibility

Active Defense

Post-Breach Detection


Endpoint Detection & Response

Identity & Access

User Identity Management

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability & configuration weakness remediation

ClearSkies™ Marketplace

Broaden your visibility, effectiveness, detection and response with Third-Party Integrations

Why ClearSkies Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform

Inherent unique characteristics shared by all ClearSkies™ products

Superior Intelligence

Enhances your early detection and response capabilities.

Broad Flexibility

Analyzes heterogeneous types of log and event data.

Great Processing Power

Achieves near real-time processing and analysis of vast volumes of log and event data.

Reliable Architecture

Safeguards your data’s integrity and availability.

Immense Storage Capacity

Vast volumes of data are available for access and processing.

Centralized Multitenancy

Separates multiple tenants’ data by creating virtual instance for security and compliance.

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Services to help you design, implement, configure, optimize and train on your ClearSkies™.

Reduce cost of ownership while retaining control

Outsource your security operations to optimize your organization’s resilience and security posture.

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