Data enrichment


Data Enrichment

Broaden your SIEM’s visibility with 3rd-party integrations

What is Data Enrichment

ClearSkies™ Marketplace data enrichment provides seamless integration of disparate 3rd-party technologies for broader and deeper real-time visibility and analysis of what transpires in your networks and systems. Integrate 3rd-party technologies into your Security Information and Event Management process for enriched analysis and investigation processes.


Filling the gaps in your visibility

Not all of your technologies are hooked into your Security Information and Event Management operations. This creates blind spots in your overall visibility of your systems and networks, and a gap in contextual information attached to each log event.


Feed more usable data into your SIEM

Data enrichment adds more log and event data, as well as contextual information, to your Security Information and Event Management. With an enhanced ability to derive meaningful insights, you are empowered with broader visibility, threat intelligence, and other actionable information that supports reduction of false positives, and more confident responses.


Improve your detection, investigation, threat hunting and response capabilities

Improved analysis, detection, investigation and response capabilities, and expanding your data sources, provide contextual information vital for situational awareness when evaluating your security posture.

With more refined and complete data, your SIEM operations earn usability and value.


Supplement your visibility with more data and context

Log integrations
Threat Intelligence
ClearSkies™ Premium Add-ons


Why you need Data Enrichment

Expand your visibility. Avoid security blind spots.

Strengthen your investigation and data analysis with contextual information.

Improve your auditing and insider threat detection capabilities.

Intelligent machine


Beyond log and event data collection and analysis.

Intuitive User Experience

Secure Web Portal (SWP)

Real-time visibility of your security posture made easy.

Mobile App

Real-time visibility while on the go.

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