Confused on which type of SIEM to choose?

About this White Paper

The evolving threat landscape and compliance complexity drives organizations towards enhancing their cybersecurity. This can be accomplished with robust and intelligent Next-Generation SIEM technology.

Choosing either ‘on-premises SIEM’ or ‘SIEM-as-a-Service’ depends on organizational context, size and financial strength.

How do these two SIEM implementations compare in relation to compliance, value, flexibility and catching up with the evolving threat landscape?

To discover which is best for you, this white paper puts traditional on-premises SIEM and Next Generation SIEM-as-a-Service toe to toe.

Key takeaways

The reality of on-premises SIEM, the perks of SIEM-as-a-Service, and their relevance to your organization are highlighted in this white paper, in terms of:

  • built-in intelligence, robustness and effectiveness using Big Data Advanced Security Analytics
  • time to implementation
  • in-house knowledge and expertise
  • ongoing maintenance and administration
  • scalability and flexibility
  • hardware obsolescence
  • hidden costs

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