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Building a cyber-resilient Public Sector

Why the UK Public Sector is so attractive to cybercriminals and which are the right tools and strategic approach for building more resilient organisations.

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Webinar Overview

The UK Public Sector is a popular target for cybercriminals as it holds a significant amount of personal data which can be used for financial gain through ransom attacks, leading to the loss of important information. At the same time, interruptions to business operations can lead to severe impacts on the Public Sector’s ability to deliver frontline services. Therefore, the cybersecurity strategic vision of the world’s most digitally advanced nation is to build a more cyber resilient Public Sector to effectively anticipate, withstand, adapt, and quickly recover from data breaches.

This webinar will delve into the reasons why UK Public Sector is so attractive to cybercriminals, and explore strategies for building a more resilient infrastructure through the implementation of ClearSkies™ Threat & Vulnerability Management Platform.

Discussion Topics

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Picture of Irene Selia
Irene Selia

Head of Global Development, ClearSkies™

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David McAdam

Head of Business Development, ClearSkies™, UK


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James Cooper

Sales Director, Armstrong


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