ClearSkies™ Mobile App Version 3


ClearSkies™ Mobile App allows you to timely assign incidents to your team members and review the investigation progress of outstanding ones, directly from your device while on the go. Get live Threat Alert notifications on important information regarding emerging cyber-threats and vulnerabilities that might affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your systems and networks.

New Features


Information Security Risk Exposure (ISRE): Get a Risk Assessment snapshot of your security posture through quantitative and qualitative metrics that grant you high-level awareness.



  • For an improved user experience, auto-login expiration was adjusted.
  • The ClearSkies™ logo was updated according to the recent ClearSkies™ rebrand.
  • For an enhanced awareness over the information-threat landscape and how it affects your organizational security posture, the Threat Alert information provided through the Mobile App was enriched.



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