ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM Version 6.2.2


In keeping with our principle “to fulfil our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations”, we are continuously revamping our platform with new innovative features and enhancements. Such features and enhancements are testament to our pioneering role in the uncharted territory for the early detection of and response to targeted attacks, data breaches and user suspicious/malicious behavior, by utilizing the power of Big Data Advanced Analytics.

What’s New

Several new features and functionality enhancements are introduced in this ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM version 6.2.2 including:

  • Asset Behavior Forecasting: Forecast the time interval that an Asset has nothing to report to the iCollector in regards to log and event data generated, using a Machine Learning algorithm. This new feature reduces the “No Logs and Event Data” alerts by 90% and, therefore, laborious investigation times, thus enabling you to focus on real threats.
  • Asset Maintenance Scheduling: This new feature helps you reduce false-positive alerts when abnormal behavior is noted due to scheduled asset maintenance.
  • Redesign of Home Screen and Login Screen: Fresh new redesign for staying in line with market trends and the ClearSkies™ approach, this way enhancing User Experience.

Important Notes

No special considerations applicable for this version.


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