ClearSkies™ Active Defense Version 1

New product description

ClearSkies™ Active Defense is a new product that offered via the ClearSkies™ Big Data Advanced Analytics Platform and is based on Deception technology principals.

Deception technology is an emerging post-breach detection cybersecurity classification. Its goal is to help organizations defend themselves against malware and cybercriminals that strategically and progressively make their way in and move through corporate networks and systems searching for sensitive confidential information and high value assets, which are ultimately the target of their attack campaigns.

Deception technology can be used to mimic a vast range of legitimate technology assets, including legacy environments, industry specific environments like ΟΤ and even IoΤ devices.

ClearSkies™ Active Defense provides an additional layer of defense post breach through delaying and diverting threat-actors away from real information assets, as well as exposing them with well­placed traps. By delaying attackers from reaching “real assets”, and by forcing them to reveal their presence in your network, you can take defensive actions earlier in the attack-chain to effectively minimize your organization’s ”Detection Deficit”.

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