Unlock the Intelligence of your Data with the ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response Platform

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Effectively Investigate & Respond
to emerging threats and vulnerabilities

It is only a matter of time until organizations experience a data breach. The question is how quickly they can recover to minimize its impact, while safeguarding their reputation. This is why organizations shift from a cyber defense posture to cyber resilience position to effectively anticipate, withstand, adapt, respond and quickly recover from sophisticated cyber, insider and third-party threats..

With intelligence and innovation at its core, the ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response Platform unlocks the intelligence of your data, empowering you to build a cyber resilient organization in uncertain times.

Identify previously unknown, or ongoing non-remediated threats proactively, through Threat Hunting

Extend your detection and response with XDR capabilities

Gain cross-layered visibility with contextual information

Automate and orchestrate response actions


ClearSkies™ Threat Detection, Investigation & Response Platform

Cross-layered visibility for extended detection and response

ClearSkies™ SIEM

Cross-layered Real-Time Visibility

Active Defense

Post-Breach Detection


Endpoint Detection & Response

Identity & Access

User Identity Management

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability and configuration weakness remediation

ClearSkies™ Marketplace

Broaden your visibility, effectiveness, detection and response with Third-Party Integrations

Get more out of

Services to help you design, implement, configure, optimize and train on your ClearSkies™.

Reduce cost of ownership while retaining control

Outsource your security operations to optimize your organization’s resilience and security posture.

Capitalize on the growing demand in the Managed Security Service market


What our clients say

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The efficiency and power of ClearSkies™ […] are provided by world-class professionals who prove to us daily that we can rest assured knowing that our cybersecurity is in good hands.

Investment Bank of Greece

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We retain full control of our budgets due to the flexibility of the ClearSkies™ service delivery model. We get peace of mind knowing there are no hidden costs, and that we don’t waste our budget on unutilized capacity.

Marlow Navigation / Cyprus

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ClearSkies™ products have helped us to significantly improve the speed at which we detect and respond to suspicious behaviors inside and outside of our networks.

Newsphone / Greece

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Since we started using ClearSkies™ products, we have improved our strategic decision-making due to the crucial security context found in the information it provides.

Nesma & Partners / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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With ClearSkies™, our security staff has increased its efficiency and effectiveness through useful tools and a simply great user experience.

Piraeus Direct Solutions / Greece

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ClearSkies™ TDIR Platform Version 6.7

June 27, 2024
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Release Note

ClearSkies™ SWP TDIR version 6.6.7

June 12, 2024
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Release Note

ClearSkies™ TDIR MSSP version 6.6.7

June 12, 2024
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Odyssey recognized as a Niche Player in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM.

May 30, 2024
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