Challenges faced by Organizations today

Early detection and response of targeted attacks and data breaches
Prediction of suspicious and/or detection of malicious and abnormal behaviour
Clear, real-time visibility of the organizational security posture
Meet, accelerate and validate complex compliance requirements

In this rapidly changing landscape, traditional SIEM solutions fall short in facing these new challenges.

ClearSkies™ Next Generation SIEM-as-a-Service with Big Data Advanced Security Analytics IS BUILT to address them!

Redefining SIEM

Incorporating the power of Big Data Advanced Security Analytics   


ClearSkies™ NG SIEM is a fast, robust, scalable, cost-effective and flexible Next Generation SIEM offered in the SIEM-as-a-Service model.

It addresses the need of organizations of any size, complexity or industry to improve their detection and response capability, their “Detection Deficit”, to targeted attacks and data breaches before it is too late. By incorporating Big Data Advanced Security Analytics, ClearSkies™ NG SIEM-as-a-Service collects, stores, processes, aggregates, correlates and intelligently analyzes vast volumes of both historical and current log data in unprecedented speed, depth and breadth.

Fortify your Endpoint Security

The ClearSkies™ NG Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Agent is a lightweight standalone Agent which provides real-time reliable log and event data collection from your on-premises/cloud critical workstations and server environments. It uses Behavioral Analysis and File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) to timely detect and stop suspicious/malicious activities and user abnormal behavior on critical workstations and servers, while enhancing and simplifying compliance and auditing requirements.

Experience the best of both worlds 

ClearSkies™ NG SIEM-as-a-Service allows for an asset-based Hybrid management model where the same platform is used to manage assets you want to manage/monitor internally as well as assets you decide to outsource to Odyssey’s Managed Security Services (MSS) team of experts.

The ClearSkies™ Secure Web Portal is a highly customizable, centralized management console, providing organizations with clear real-time visibility and a global view of their security posture. With a fast user-friendly interface, it empowers management and authorized staff with invaluable insight and on-the-go reporting of their organization’s cyber risk. This allows for quick access to valuable information which can immensely support organizational decision making.

What's new

02 Jul09:00am

ClearSkies™ Version 5.8 & 5.8.1

In keeping with our principle “to fulfil our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations”, we are continuously revamping our platform with new innovative features and enhancements. Such features and enhancements are a testament of our pioneering role in the uncharted territory of Big Data Advanced Security Analytics. What’s New in v5.8 & 5.8.1 Sensitivity Level more

02 May08:01am

Odyssey to participate in the ‘Saudi National Security & Risk Prevention Expo (SNSR)’ in November 2018

Odyssey to participate in the ‘Saudi National Security & Risk Prevention Expo (SNSR)’ in November 2018 Odyssey will be participating in the ‘Saudi National Security & Risk Prevention Expo (SNSR)’ as a valued exhibitor and contributor recognized for its expertise in cybersecurity and its provision of innovative services and solutions. As an ‘Information Security & more

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