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ClearSkies™ NG SIEM Version 6.0

ClearSkies™ NG SIEM Version 6.0


In keeping with our principle “to fulfil our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations”, we are continuously revamping our platform with new innovative features and enhancements. Such features and enhancements are a testament of our pioneering role in the uncharted territory of Big Data Advanced Security Analytics.

What’s New in v6.0

Several new features are introduced in this ClearSkiesTM SaaS NG SIEM version 6.0:

“Threat Intelligence”

Threat Anticipation

The formula was designed to act as a filter for the different indicators being reported by the “Threat Intelligence” ServiceModule. It operates on a series of variables that were designed and engineered towards capturing the full characteristics of an indicator. Once those variables are derived, the formula evaluates the indicator and assigns it a score. The higher the score, the more important the indicator. Alert generation and incident escalation depend on the score confident level determined by the user.

“Identity & Access”

Identity & Access

This new ServiceModule aggregates, visualizes and monitors the statuses of thousands of user accounts, drastically improving the auditing and insider threat detection capabilities of your organization with minimal effort.

It further integrates with and complements other ClearSkies™ SaaS NG SIEM ServiceModules, such as Advanced Security Analytics (User & Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA)) and ClearSkies™ NG Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) agent, for maximal insight generation. It helps to strengthen your security posture against insider threats.

“Identity & Access” ServiceModule empowers security personnel and upper management to effortlessly spot and timely investigate the following:

  • Inactive user accounts
  • Never-logged-on user accounts
  • Soon-to-expire passwords
  • Disabled accounts
  • Accounts of attention
  • Groups by size
  • Nested groups
  • Replication errors
  • Operating systems’ update status
  • Successful and failed logins
  • Which user did what from where and when
  • User account clutter in need of maintenance

To experience the full capabilities of the “Identity & Access” ServiceModule, download the “Identity & Access” Configuration Guide under ToolsDownloads in the ClearSkies™ Secure Web Portal, and then proceed with the guidelines laid out.

Important note: ClearSkies™ NG Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Agent v6.2.0 is a prerequisite to “Identity & Access”.

New Supported LogSources

Vendor Product Type of Collection
Dell Dell MXL Switch Syslog
Symantec Symantec Data Loss Prevention Syslog
Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Syslog
Check Point Check Point MTA LEA Application
Microsoft Azure Audit Logs Syslog
Oracle Oracle Audit Vault Database Firewall Syslog
Cisco Cisco Sip Syslog
Cisco Cisco ACi Syslog
Aruba Aruba WLAN Controller Syslog
Symantec Symantec EDR Syslog
Alcatel Alcatel Switch Syslog
Cisco Cisco Meraki Flows Syslog
Cisco Cisco Meraki Events Syslog
Cisco Cisco Meraki Security Events Syslog
Cisco Cisco Meraki URLs Syslog
IBM ISS Network Protection XGS-Self Managed – Firewall Syslog
IBM ISS Network Protection XGS-Self Managed – System Syslog
F5 F5 APM Syslog
RSA RSA SecureID Authentication Manager (Admin Audit) Syslog
RSA RSA SecureID Authentication Manager (Audit Runtime) Syslog
Cisco Cisco Firepower Management Syslog
Microsoft Windows DHCP ClearSkies NG Endpoint agent
Symantec Symantec DLP Suite System Syslog
Oracle Glassfish Web Server Syslog
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ClearSkies™ SaaS SIEM “Identity & Access” ServiceModule

A Simple yet Powerful Approach to Auditing and Monitoring Users’ Identity and Access Across Enterprise Systems, Data and Application Resources.

See ClearSkies™ SaaS SIEM “Identity &