Vulnerability Management

Focus your efforts on real threats by
reducing false positives.


Why you need Vulnerability Management

Investigating and resolving false-positive security alerts can drain your valuable time and resources while distracting you from real threats where your attention is truly needed.

How it works

ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM’s “Vulnerability Management” ServiceModule import results from different vulnerability tools used during your analysis and correlation process to further minimize false-positive alerts. This way, you can quickly resolve benign alerts, freeing you to focus on the ones that represent real threats.

“Vulnerability Management” empowers your security staff with a 95% reduction of false-positive alerts by importing vulnerability information relating to in-scope network devices, systems and applications, thus empowering security personnel with the insight to focus on real cyber-threats.

It further allows your security staff to manage user-uploaded scan results in order to assist the pre-correlation process, thus providing a multi-dimensional assessment of the impact that a suspected or actual incident may pose to the user’s network, systems or applications.

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