Customize your dashboards to streamline your workflow.


Why you need Dashboards

Staying on top of your security posture is a challenging task. Maintaining at all times situational awareness of your security metrics is vital for making the right decisions, timely and effectively, when managing your cyber risk.

How it works

Customizable dashboards that you can configure to display the information most useful and convenient to your team, allow you and your security staff to be more effective in maintaining an overview of your security alerts status, performance, availability, user behaviour, and other metrics that are more relevant to you.

Create and customize individualized intelligent dashboards according to the work habits, responsibilities and preferences of each user. The drilldown capabilities of each section of your dashboards provides intuitive insights that will help you to quickly make sense of things in an easy and efficient manner.

At a Glance

Staying on top of your security posture

Predefined Dashboard 1

Enables the user to access a general overview of the Assets’ status, Alerts and Incidents.

Predefined Dashboard 2

Provides a detailed analysis of generated Alerts.

Custom Dashboard

Allows assigned service users to create a customized environment using a combination of available portlets that suit the preferred needs. Beyond its functionalities, this customization also provides easy access to real time data relating to the monitoring, analysis, latest identified threats and pending incidents.

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