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Integrated Third-Party Tools & Applications

Incident Management

Take control over your incident management process

ServiceNow Security Operations

ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM “Event Management” Incidents ticketing ServiceModule integrates with ServiceNow Security Incidents ticketing system.

This integration enables organizations to extend the collaboration of ClearSkies™ “Event Management” workflow ticketing system with ServiceNow Security Incidents ticketing.

With this integration, you can maintain your internal workflow habits while gaining the ability to assign Incidents raised to users who exist solely in the ServiceNow Security Incidents ticketing system.

How It Works

Security Incidents raised in ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM Secure Web Portal (SWP) are also raised in ServiceNow, with the creation of ServiceNow events. Bidirectional synchronization of outstanding Incidents’ statuses is performed automatically, i.e. status of pending incidents,  comments exchanged.

Key Benefits

  • Expand your incident management and response workflow capabilities by assigning incidents across different teams and users within your organization with no access to ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM Secure Web Portal (SWP).
  • Avoid incident replication or omission with bidirectional synchronization, ensuring that no open incidents appear outstanding in ClearSkies™ after being resolved in ServiceNow.
  • Enrich your organization’s “Risk Exposure” Executive Report.

Note: ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM supports ServiceNow versions Kingston, London, Madrid, and New York in the cloud.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Stay ahead of the vulnerability curve

NESSUS & Qualys

ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM “Vulnerability Management” ServiceModule integrates with the NESSUS and Qualys Vulnerability Assessment and Management tools.

Nessus and Qualys are security vulnerability assessment tools that can be used to proactively identify, and assess vulnerabilities before they are found and exploited by threat actors.

How It Works

The outcome from these tools can be imported into ClearSkies™ Cloud SIEM Secure Web Portal (SWP) to provide context of the configuration weakness and vulnerabilities that exists on your in-scope assets.

This information is used during analysis and correlation process to minizine false positives alerts, thus empowering security personnel with the insight to focus on real cyber-threats.

Key Benefits

  • Concentrate on configuration weakness and vulnerabilities that affect your organization specifically.
  • Prioritized the classification and impact of attacks related to these configuration weakness and vulnerabilities.
  • Enrich your organization’s “Risk Exposure” Executive Report.
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Industry Standards

Focus your security resources where it matters


The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is an open industry standard for assessing the severity of computer system security vulnerabilities. CVSS attempts to assign severity and impact scores to attacks related to vulnerabilities, thus allowing security personnel to focus on threats that matter most.

How It Works

Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) data feeds import regularly into ClearSkies™ correlation and analysis modules. This information put into context, enabling you to make sense of things when investigating Alerts fired pertaining to your organizational overall security posture.

Key Benefits

  • Prioritize incidents based on their classification and impact.
  • Correlate attacks with CVEs to help you minimize false positives.
  • Enrich your organization’s “Risk Exposure” Executive Report.
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Threat Intelligence

Take your Threat Hunting to the next level


STIX and TAXII are threat standards developed in an effort to use a “common language” when referring to Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), with the goal of improving communication amongst the cybersecurity community for greater prevention and mitigation of cyberattacks. STIX is the format, the “what” of threat intelligence, while TAXII is the “how”, the way that information is conveyed and disseminated. STIX and TAXII are normalized and machine-compatible, therefore easily automated.

How It Works

STIX-format threat-related data are being relayed through the TAXII protocol to the ClearSkies™ “Threat Intelligence” and “Event Management” ServiceModules. With the use of advanced analytics, usable information extracted and correlated with attacks related to in-scope assets.

Key Benefits

  • Empower your Threat Hunting by building a narrative around threats and threat actors targeting you specifically.
  • Assign context to identified threats by cross-referencing with CVEs for a more complete picture.
  • Enrich your organization’s “Risk Exposure” Executive Report.
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